About Antoinette Brock

Antoinette is an emerging visual artist whose work is at the intersection of photography/film and ethnography.  Her aesthetic is informed by her sensitivity to the values and lives of her subjects and at times, her content is developed through active participation of the cultural practices of the people and places she visits.

In 2013, she created Don.t Throw Away the Crust -a brand dedicated to documenting the compelling stories of the marginalized people of the world.  The “crust” she uses as a metaphor for those whose culture and stories are often discarded as the unwanted part of society, when in fact, it’s the best part.  

Antoinette has spent the last 6 years traveling with the intention of exploring the problems, traditions, possibilities, aspirations, assumptions and language of the earth’s marginalized population.  Antoinette is unafraid of stepping beyond the well-trodden path, reminding us that to understand the truth of anything, you have to experience it, though not without the required physical, emotional and linguistic commitment.  

In 2016, her documentary series The Name Project was exhibited in the Smithsonian Arts and Industries building in Crosslines: A Culture Lab on Intersectionality.  Earlier this year she completed an artist residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo, Japan where she examined identity at the crux of individuality and cultural preservation.  Her work has also appeared in the Huffington Post and Uproxx, for which she filmed a piece highlighting Jail Guitar Doors, a program designed to rehabilitate those incarcerated across America, through music.  

Today she remains a freelance creative based in Los Angeles.